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Impacts of Eczema

How it affects us + ways to combat it

Eczema damages the function of the skin barrier, making it much more sensitive & infection/dryness prone.

How it Affects Us

People with eczema can experience considerable discrimination and even social isolation. Eczema can even make people step away from you in fear of why your skin looks this way. In the end, people struggle with their sense of worth and self-esteem with this skin condition.

It's all about the food

Here are some foods that combat eczema:

  • vegetables

  • fish

  • vegan-based diets

Here are some foods that promote eczema:

  • dairy

  • eggs

  • gluten or wheat

  • soy

No fear, Chosen is here!

Check out some of our soups that will help you out with your eczema

  • Fresh Agate Soap

  • Jade Body Soap

  • Citrus Mint Soap

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